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Our Write, Record, Release program provides a complete service for the independent music artist covering the artist’s repertoire, recording and production, design and digital release services.  

This includes strategies developed over years of real world success, our dynamic team of seasoned music professionals and up and coming young professionals place WRR in a unique situation, allowing us to draw from years of experience and pair that with cutting-edge technology. Our team comprises of “music professionals working for music professionals.” 


We offer everything an up and coming artist needs to launch a successful career in music, as well as everything a newcomer needs to begin their career at a fraction of the costs that are typical in the industry. This refined program is a one stop shop for music artists. 


This includes professional guidance at every stage of the process right from the very beginning of writing the track to the next step, the recording/production service followed by the important A&R component, as well as post-production services including design, distribution and consultation.


We offer this unique service to help get your music out there and heard.

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