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Band Jam sessions

The Refinery School of Music is excited to be offering Band Jamming Sessions. During sessions you don’t just learn songs, you’ll get to play them with a group of like-minded musicians.


You'll experience what it’s like to be in a real band, in a friendly environment where everyone can experience the joy of making music collaboratively and with a common purpose. We'll connect you with other musicians, suited to your skill level and organise a rehearsal environment which is welcoming, warm, supportive and non-judgmental.


You'll rehearse in a studio under the guidance of one of our professional musicians and experienced music teachers. The idea is to have fun, improve your musical skills, and most importantly, help you attain your musical goals.


You’ll have the opportunity to show off the results of all your hard practice at our mid-year and annual concerts. To take part in this program, all students must be enrolled in private music lessons.


Students will benefit from Band Jamming basics, including:


  • Learning how to play and perform with other musicians

  • Communication and camaraderie

  • Improvisation and solo playing

  • Learning arrangements and reading charts

  • Practice and rehearsal techniques

  • Performance techniques

  • Live performances

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