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At Refinery School of Music we offer guitar lessons in both acoustic and electric guitar. Lessons are individually structured and tailored for each student and taught in a one-on-one environment.


Our world-class, professional and highly qualified guitar educators have the knowledge to teach a broad range of musical genres and styles. We offer lessons from beginners to advanced, through to the most experienced guitarists who want to refine their craft.


Our guitar lessons extend far beyond the guitar. While our guitar educators will teach you how to play the guitar, they will also show you the best techniques and methods for learning and practising at home, for all performing and recording situations. This helps nurture a well-rounded guitar playing education. Many of our students benefit from our techniques and find they apply what they’ve been taught to other parts of their life. 


We also invite and provide all our guitar students with the opportunity to perform at our mid-year & annual concerts. Whether you are seeking a new hobby, looking for some serious training, or broadening your education, we welcome you into our school. 


Our warm and inviting community like atmosphere will make you feel at home, no matter your age or skill level. We start our lessons as young as 5, through to adult age as well as retirement age adults looking for a new creative outlet or well-being activity.


Students will learn essential guitar techniques, including:


  • Proper fretting hand and picking technique

  • Proficient use of chords and scales

  • Note reading on musical staff

  • Music theory

  • Performance/audition/recording preparation

  • Improvisation

  • Practice techniques

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