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At Refinery School of Music our violin instructors are here to teach you everything you need to know about the instrument, covering all of the essentials to help you become a skilled player including fingering, arpeggios, theory, bow positioning, intonation and tone production.


As one of the most expressive string instruments, often playing some of the most important musical lines, it can be challenging instrument to master but is always a rewarding musical experience.


The instructors are ready to help you start or fine-tune your journey of playing the violin, incorporating traditional techniques, as well as teaching how to use your body to enhance your playing. Despite the fact that the violin is considered a classical instrument, its scope can encompass all styles and genres of music, including pop, rock, R&B, country, jazz, folk and world music.


We also invite and provide all our violin students with the opportunity to perform at our mid-year & annual concerts. Whether you are seeking a new hobby, looking for some serious training, or broadening your education, we welcome you into our school. Our warm and inviting community like atmosphere will make you feel at home, no matter your age or skill level. We start our lessons as young as 5, through to adult age as well as retirement age adults looking for a new creative outlet or well-being activity.


 Students will learn the following techniques, including:


  • Sound production

  • Intonation

  • Bow techniques

  • Vibrato

  • Dynamics

  • Performance techniques

  • Practice techniques

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