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Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes are structured as singing/dancing classes aimed at children/teens ages 5 years onwards, who love to sing and dance. Musical Theatre Classes are a fun and exciting way for your child to develop singing & movement skills, musical knowledge and experience the joy of developing bonds, making friends all whilst music-making.

During our class kids will:


  • Have fun singing and dancing with similarly aged peers.

  • Sing vocal warm-ups such as scales, arpeggios, and tongue twisters.

  • Warm up their bodies through stretching, rhythm and movement exercises.

  • Learn to sing in a round and hold their part while others are singing different parts.

  • Play musical games to help reinforce the melodic and rhythmic concepts taught in class.

  • Learn to sing several songs, of various genres, such as Pop, Rock, Gospel, Folk, R&B and Musical Theatre, while moving their bodies to simple choreography.

  • Discover the nuances of musical expression, such as following dynamic and tempo changes, and understanding phrasing as well as developing vocal harmonies.

  • Enjoy occasional instrument play with percussion instruments, such as tambourines, shakers etc

  • Delve into the world of vocal performance in a low-pressure environment.  



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