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Have you written poems or lyrics and dreamt about setting them to music? Have you created music but not yet set lyrics to your melodies? Do you want to be able to create both lyrics and melody simultaneously? Whether you’ve had no musical experience, just starting on your career path in music or an experienced musician who wants to broaden their creative output, these classes are for you.


You'll get information about all the technical aspects of creating songs from scratch, including information about harmony, riffs, titles, arrangement, nurturing confidence in your voice, creating hooks, creating song starters and recording/publishing.


In our small-class setting, you will learn from a pro in the industry, who has spent years as a professional songwriter, performer, producer, writer and music collaborator. Prepare your creative ambitions with tips and tricks of the trade, practical advice based on experience, and perfect your songwriting capabilities.


Our goal is to not only make you a better songwriter, but also to help you reach a wider audience for your work. Students are encouraged to bring in their own projects, works in progress and/or completed songs to be guided through improvements to their creative processes, and join a collaborative songwriting session.


Some of the details of the songwriting sessions include:


  • Looking at the process of creating memorable melodies

  • Examining the ingredients of a hit in 2018

  • Referencing past and contemporary hit songs

  • Studying the secrets to writing lyrics and creating “ear worm” melodies

  • Writing a song from start to finish

  • Advice and information about how to get your songs to a wider audience


Whether you are new to songwriting or you have already written songs but would like to have a better understanding in the basics, Refinery School of Music's Songwriting Workshop, taught by acclaimed and accomplished songwriter/musician Vince Leigh will assist in developing your creativity, no matter what musical style, and turn them into finished songs.


From the very first session, participants will begin working on material, both individually and collaboratively.


Even if your primary interest is lyric writing, music writing – or both – everyone is welcome. Those who play an instrument or sing can utilise these abilities for their work, both in class and at home. Those who do not will be able to use the instrumental and vocal abilities of Vince and other Refinery professionals to bring their creativity to life, and their songs to completion. Music reading or musical theory is not required and not necessary to participate.

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