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bass guitar

Learning to play the bass guitar can be very satisfying and rewarding. Bass guitar lessons at Refinery School of Music will help you get started on your bass playing career or initiate ideas and methods to inspire you to reach the next level of your playing.


The bass, along with the drums, often carries the rhythm of the music. It is also a melodic instrument, like the guitar. With our bass guitar lessons, you get the fundamentals as well as learning how to play the songs you want to play, whether you’re a beginner, part of a band or someone who’s always dreamt of playing bass in a group.


Our instructors are working musicians with a desire to help students achieve their musical goals. The earliest age for bass guitar lessons is generally seven, and continues on from young to mature age.


We also invite and provide all our bass guitar students with the opportunity to perform at our mid-year & annual concerts. Whether you are seeking a new hobby, looking for some serious training, or broadening your education, we welcome you into our school. Our warm and inviting community like atmosphere will make you feel at home, no matter your age or skill level. We start our lessons as young as 5, through to adult age as well as retirement age adults looking for a new creative outlet or well-being activity.



Students will learn essential bass guitar techniques, including:


  • Proper fretting 

  • Fingering, plucking and pick techniques

  • Proficient use of scales

  • Note reading on musical staff

  • Music theory

  • Performance/audition/recording preparation

  • Improvisation

  • Practice techniques

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