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frequently asked questions

How do I get started?


We make it simple. Call us at 1300 400 444, or fill out our contact form, or email us. we'll get in touch with you asap to discuss your interest and help get you enrolled right away!


How long are the classes?


Class lengths vary depending on which class is chosen. Private lessons are one on one and are generally set at 30 minutes, sometimes this may be extended to

45 or 60 minutes, depending on what is required...for instance a student may request more time in preparing for auditions, exams etc.

Glee classes run for 45 minutes.


What age and levels do you teach?


We teach children and adults, beginners to advanced, starting at age 5 years up to retirement age, everyone's welcome!


How long will it take me to learn?


We don't believe in delayed gratification, so we start you off playing music right away. As your abilities develop, we ensure the music you're learning/playing is challenging, fun and advances your growth as a well-rounded musician.


Throughout your education, we ensure you're playing using proper technique and posture to achieve the best possible technique. Much of your progress, however, depends on dedicated practice outside the classroom. We supply the tools and the blueprint but you will need to put in the work.


We firmly believe that the only difference between a beginner and a master is the difficulty of the music. As a beginner, you will play easier music, but play it well. As you progress, the level of difficulty will increase as we want you to be rightly challenged as you continue to advance.


What if I don't have any experience?


No experience is required! We excel at teaching students of all levels and backgrounds because our lessons are tailored to suit each persons specific goals and needs.  In fact, students who are beginners often have no bad habits to overcome, so your progress can be relatively quick.


Do I need to bring my instrument to class?


This all depends on which instrument you are learning. We supply vocal microphones, drum kits and pianos. In regards to guitar, bass or violin lessons, we encourage students to bring in their own instruments, as it's best to learn on an instrument that you're comfortable with.


What commitment is required?


After your initial 2 x trial lessons, students who decide to continue on will be expected to attend their lesson/s weekly and commit to a full term (approx 10 weeks).



What's the policy for late arrival of scheduled lesson time?


Late arrivals will result in shorter lessons as teachers are only obligated to teach until the end of the scheduled lesson time. If a student does not arrive by the halfway point in their lesson, that lesson will then be cancelled. Hence, students are asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to their lesson starting time ready to rock & roll!


What's the policy for missed lessons and makeup lessons?


We require 24hrs notice in the case of absence.. If this 24hrs notice is given, a makeup lesson will be offered at an alternative time. Up to 2 make-up lessons per term will be offered upon notice received. Any more than 2 lessons missed per term with notice will be lost.


If less than 24hrs notice is given, a makeup for that missed lesson cannot be offered &

a full charge will still apply.


Do teachers of Refinery School of Music hold 'Working With Children Checks'?


Yes, its policy that all Teachers at our school hold a current 'Working With Children Check'.

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