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We offer a free music lesson to every new student.
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- Plato

Our Story

Refinery School of Music is much more than a place students come for music lessons. It is a community of musicians – teachers, students, and supporters alike – who are dedicated to musical and personal growth and success.


When many students begin their lessons, they find they want more than just instruction. They desire a community that is dedicated to their success. Students at Refinery School of Music find peers and teachers committed to their development in an inviting facility that fosters artistry, confidence and success through music lessons and classes, performances, events and supportive relationships.


In addition to detailed technical and musical training, students at Refinery learn how to practice and maximize their time, how to use their body according to their instrument, and how to interpret in order to create beautiful musical performances. As a result, our students gain the confidence and the desire to practice and perform and to share their gift with others.


While the thoughts and challenges of studying music may deter some, our students are enabled to succeed because we develop their unique talents and address their unique needs. We believe a key component of our mission at Refinery Music School is to develop the lessons for the individual, so that students can develop as a person as much as a vocalist/musician.


Beyond our student-centred teaching practice, we host a variety of events by faculty and students in our school, and in our community. This is in line with both our educational philosophy and our mission of developing people because we believe you cannot have one without the other. Our students need audiences, just as our community needs the arts. Many of our students achieve greatness as a result of these diverse groups coming together.


We invite you to join our community at Refinery Music, regardless of your musical ambitions. The skills you will develop at our school extend well beyond the scope of learning how to play an instrument, even if that is your only goal.


Everyone is welcome at Refinery, our students range in age from toddlers and young children through to adult and retirement age students, 

from beginners or hobbyists to advanced students or music professionals. We're certain that you will find your place here at Refinery School of Music.

About Us

READ what people are saying

"My 11 year old son has been taking guitar lessons for a little over a year and he's really enjoying it. His teacher really helps him stay engaged with letting him learn a variety of songs, and helps him when he's stuck on something without letting it reach a point where he gets discouraged.

The best part is that my son never dreads coming to his weekly lesson, or even practicing throughout the week. I wish they had lessons like this when I was learning an instrument, I might still be playing!"

PARENT - Jack Oxford

January 10, 2015

"Our 8-year old daughter has been taking lessons now for a few months learning both Vocals & Piano, we have had a great experience with the two instructors she has been taken lessons with.

I am impressed at the positive reinforcement, the quick learning and dedication on both the side of the instructors and my daughter.  I truly see the instructors are interested in teaching music, I highly recommend this school".

PARENT - Mrs Azzopardi

February 15, 2017

"I am a retiree and started taking drum lessons over five years ago. I am so glad I did because it has brought a whole new dimension into my life. I am so thankful to my instructor for his patience, humour, and encouragment. I am proud to be associated with Refinery School of Music"

STUDENT - Damien Vella

July 22, 2016



Free Lesson is available to all new students, beginners to advanced aged 5 years and up.


Our 30-minute Introductory lesson gives you the opportunity to check out our school and meet with our talented 

teachers, prior to committing to a whole term.


Your teacher will customize your lesson 

based on your age and level. 


Select the instrument you're interested in,

then simply contact us via phone or email to book in your free lesson.


       How to redeem your free lesson:

       Students must book in and pay for 

       their first lesson to receive their

       second lesson free.


Free Lesson Offer

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